Into the Forest

A collection of five artists all based around the area of Frome bring together their works inspired in part by the forest. From narrative storytelling to intimate metal castings of woodland objects, a wonderful exhibition to remind you all how magical the forest really is. Artists are Abigail Reed, Dr Amy Jeffs, Issi Bulloch, Ruby Hyde and Daniel Morley. For sales, links are provided where possible in the information boxes of the individual works. Thank you for joining us!

Daniel Morley

This series of works started off while I had been wandering through the woods in the Autumn of 2020. I began collecting small objects I found along the walks bringing them home to paint. There is something so beautiful contained within these small, natural treasures, often overlooked. I am fascinated by the symbolism of these objects, especially when painted and presented in an almost iconographic way. The realism part of the art combines with subtle emotions that live just behind the surface, with each one holding a private meaning for each person. My usual medium is oil paint, but I do like to work with other materials, there are just so many. The mushroom sculptures were originally intended to be paintings, but after holding the fungi in my hands I knew they needed to be sculptures. The main material is polymer clay which is a relatively modern material. I like the push and give of using a material like this that gives a somewhat permanent aspect to something otherwise fleeting.


Abigail Reed

Abigail Reed is based at The Silk Mill in Frome, Somerset. She works mainly on paper with rich charcoal and soft pastel which is layered and blended with fingertips. Light is extracted with a putty rubber and detail, like the spindly branches of a tree, captured with mini erasers. Abigail works from her own photographs of the natural world, captured whilst walking the land. She studied in Bath then Cardiff, always with a strong emphasis on drawing and after living in Bristol for 15 years, was drawn back home to Somerset where she was born.


Issi Bulloch

I’ll be honest the jewellery making part of my life is the easy part. Dare I say it but it is my little piece of Escapism… First and foremost, I’m a mama to Identical twin boys and a two year old (busy to say the least.) As well as the creator of my own Bespoke Organic Jewellery brand. I am a one-woman show casting naturally found objects from Mother Nature into bespoke pieces of Jewellery. The process by which I cast things is known as Investment Casting. Whereby I set things in plaster and burn them away in a kiln. What is organic disintegrates, but the plaster remains behind. I pour the molten metal into the empty cavity. I quench it in water and the plaster disintegrates leaving just the metal form. This is a one-off mould so cannot be replicated…. This is the beauty of it. Everything is its original form but now in Silver or Brass. From Sycamores, Acorns, and Leaves to Romanesco Broccoli, Dragonflies, Bees and Rattlesnake tails. I focus on acknowledging the beauty within nature creating work which is both Art and Jewellery, using Recycled sterling Silver and Brass. Discover more at and follow @issibulloch on Instagram.

Dr Amy Jeffs

Amy Jeffs holds a PhD in Medieval Art History from the University of Cambridge. Deep research into manuscripts and literature inspire her prints, which offer a view onto a Medieval Ages steeped in nature, ingenuity and beauty. Trees are ubiquitous in medieval culture, whether as symbols of life, as in the budding, sprouting branches of Christ’s Cross, or of wilderness, as in the Old English poem, ‘The Wife’s Lament’, in which the narrator has been consigned to a cave beneath an oak tree and does not know when her lover will return….


Ruby Hyde

Ruby Hyde is a conceptual fine art photographer, based in the South West of England. She draws inspiration from the juxtaposition between fairytales and the darker truths that lurk beneath. Shooting primarily with natural light, Ruby’s work often has a storytelling quality, and embraces the fantastical and strange.