The Postcard Paintings – part of an ongoing project exploring themes of urbanisation, neglect, industry and nature. The collection of imagery asks the viewer to notice small scenes that they may pass by everyday, but would never value the aesthetic quality of these found scenes, some border on abstraction, some are ambiguous, some are close up while some the perspective is a little further away. The postcard format was used as a limiting factor to help with the compositions and to create a subtle sense of narrative between the works. Some areas are blurred and smudged and other parts highly rendered. They were started at the beginning of 2022.

‘An Alternate View’ is an ongoing project that follows the same themes as the postcard paintings but using larger format panels to capture more of the scene, using strong compositional elements to present what might be found down a pathway or an industrial estate. The urban and industrial often intersects with nature where plants still thrive in these areas of abandonment, where rust and flaky paint signals the neglect from human intervention and those places where graffiti artists and youths hang out. It is perhaps, a fragmented documentary of the societal, political and industrial shifts that occur in towns across the UK, with that dissent and alternative undercurrent that can be always be found, just below the surface if you go looking for it.